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 "A  Renaissance Woman of Sound" 

"Consensus among burgeoning filmmakers in the indie circuit is that Holly can do it all AND you want her to do it all. She is an established composer, producer, sound designer, dialogue editor, and mixer. For her, the importance of fluidity and short-hand communication with a director/producer is greatly developed, more so than other projects, when your post-production sound team is just one person. It streamlines the entire process and brings together a great foundation for creativity and structure. For A New Son and HIGH is HOME, she designed the entire soundscape in post production with impeccable attention to detail. Only a few sounds and lines of dialogue were recorded on set; everything else you hear, she created from scratch.  In essence, the entire project becomes a comprehensive whole when the sound is handled by Holly Tatnall."

- Nick Goldreich (Director of A New SonHIGH is HOME

Before & Afters

Holly takes projects from raw on-set recorded audio to a finished, polished mix with her extensive experience and meticulousness. Tailored to the needs of each scene, she edits, cleans, and polishes dialogue recorded on set, creates sound design & foley, composes and produces music, and seamlessly mixes all of these elements together. Here are some before and after examples of her work.

HTD Intro - Before
Hallway - Before