Holly Tatnall (pronounced HAW-lee TAT-null) is an award-winning composer and audio sculptor for film, tv, apps, games, podcasts, and anything else that needs audio love. After a childhood of obsessively creating and performing music, she earned a Bachelor of Music in studio composition. After much deliberation, she decided to pursue a career path in audio for video games, while continuing to write her own music on the side.

Moving every year or two to work at different studios, Holly worked very long days in the video game industry until her body pushed a stressful and unfulfilling situation past the breaking point. She endured a difficult struggle with chronic pain for several years, unable to work a regular job or on her music. Gradually, she uncovered the spinal and fascial issues that were causing her debilitating pain and developed a maintenance plan to regain her quality of life and music-making.

As a freelance audio professional, Holly eventually followed her winding road to Los Angeles, where she currently resides and is (finally) actively writing, producing, and unleashing her unusual blend of acoustic/electric music, with an ever-growing appreciation for a healthy body & mind, along with a fulfilled heart. ​

She will be simultaneously releasing tracks throughout 2019 from her first original body of work, Saying Odd Things to Strangers, and her first cover song project, Judging By the Cover.